Brimawa School Grade 9 Social and Environmental Studies Feld Trip

The above photos shows student on the premises of National Museum, where they saw among other things traditional instrument and some artefacts. 

On the 23rd May 2024 the grade nine student of Brimawa upper basic school went for Social and Environmental Studies Feld Trip at Banjul the capital city of The Gambia. Where they visited National Museum, Arch 22 and Gambia Milling Corporation. The went to have first hand experience about what they have leant at school about social environmental studies subject

The above photos show Brimawa Grade nine student at Arch 22 and Gambia milling corporation. 

At the Arch 22 the students were told about the history of Arch 22. After visiting the Arch 22 ,the students proceeded to visit The Gamba Milling Corporation(G.MC). At G.M.C, officials working at the company led the students to see some experiments like the chemicals used in manufacturing flour, and also the Plant and Machinery itself used to process flour. 

The above video show one of the student expressing his view about the Feld trip in an interview by one of the teacher.

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